Getting Started

MyEmergencyCrew (BETA) was established in August 2013 as an on-line application for Emergency Service Members to indicate their availability within a defined horizon. This project is not endorsed by the RFS, CFS, BFS, SES, TFS, NPWS or Marine Rescue, nor affiliated with any other similar service.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions if you have time. You may find your answers there already. Plus we have some good demo videos on YouTube that will help if you get stuck.

Not registered yet?

If your Brigade or Unit would like to use this app, please review the Terms and Privacy (Membership Policy and Joining) for full details. We accept applications from Brigade/Unit executive only and you will find all the info you need in the Terms link.

Already Registered? Here's what you need to know to get started:

Once you have been Registered you may log in at any of our Service addresses using your supplied, personal phone number. You will not have a PIN yet so leave it blank when signing in for the first time.

Already have an Account with a different Brigade?

If you already have an Account with a different Brigade, and have already set a PIN for that Account, you must log in WITHOUT your PIN to access your new Account. Then set the same PIN as your existing Account in your new Profile to sync up your Accounts. You may then actively switch between Profiles using your Menu. If you set a different PIN to your other Profiles, you will have to log in separately to each Account.

We strongly recommend that you set a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You must set a PIN to Administer your Account.

When you first log in to your account, leave the PIN field empty. Set your PIN once logged in as this will secure your account. Your PIN can be set using your Menu and opening your Member Profile. If you have elevated Member Rights assigned to your Account, like Administrator or Manager, you must set a PIN before these features are available to you.

Did you apply for Membership on behalf of your Brigade/Unit?

If "yes" then you are the Administrator and you may add your own Members, Events, Locations, etc. Simply add a Member by entering their Name and Phone Number as a minimum. They can then complete their own Member Profile as needed. Members cannot share the same phone number, so ensure that each member has supplied their own mobile or personal number. Please note that under our Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy, each Member Account must have a valid personal phone number as their Account ID. Accounts with invalid or fake phone numbers will be removed without notice. If any of your Members forget their PIN or get locked out of their Account, the Administrator of your Brigade/Unit can reset their Account via the Members Menu.

We strongly recommend that you create your New Member's Accounts using the Basic Profile. This will give them a very easy-to-use interface whilst they become accustomed to setting their own availability. You may then move them up to Normal Profile, or they can do this themselves when ready for more advanced features. Basic Mode does not require a PIN to operate.

Your Members can fulfill their own availability once set up, or you can manage it for them via the Members Menu and List. You can, as an Administrator or Manager, set their individual Availability or add them to Events, Jobs and Teams as required. Check some of our demo videos for further details. You may assign other Members of your Brigade as Administrators or Managers.

If you are an Administrator and this is the first time you are using the system, be sure to check the Global Settings under "Other" in your Menu.

MyEmergencyCrew supports Administrators only and not general Members. Please ensure that your Members understand that they must raise any issues within their own Brigade and not with MyEmergencyCrew staff. Administrators have all the necessary tools to support their Members.

Look for the yellow help buttons in the toolbar. You'll be surprised how much you can learn about this system by pressing them. We make system improvements a lot! Sometimes within just hours of receiving a feature request. So staying up-to-date on new features and improvements is in your best interests. These can be followed here.

This Service is a native, mobile compatible, web application. You do not install it from iTunes or Google Play.

It is designed to operate on most mobile devices as well as desktop browsers. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, or Chrome on Android, you may add a shortcut to your Home Screen and the Service will run in local app mode. If you must use Microsoft Internet Explorer then we strongly recommend IE10 or higher. Check all the platforms we support here. Note that if you are using an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) then you must use the in-built Safari Browser. If you are using Google Chrome on your computer or a Chrome Laptop, get MyEmergencyCrew from the Chrome Web Store. For Android phones and tablets we recommend using Chrome or visiting the Google Play Store.

A note about AdBlock. Some users have reported issues using this Service with web browser plug-ins such as AdBlock. If you run any site-blocking plug-ins, please ensure you add our domain to your exception list. We do not carry any ads or such pop-ups but it seems that in some cases these plug-ins stop certain functionality.

Access our Service via https://MyEmergencyCrew.com

Our Service supports EMail, Push and SMS Messaging. For more info view our Messaging Guide.

Please ensure that you're familiar with the Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy before continuing to use this Service. Seriously, read them, as dependance upon this Service under Emergency conditions is entirely at the operator's risk.

Some useful links to get you going -We have a load of demo Videos on our YouTube Channel.


We post regular updates, information and host our User Community on Google+


Follow us on Twitter to stay updated on the latest info


Watch our latest Demo Videos on YouTube

We encourage ease of use and management so if you operate more than 1 sub-group within your Brigade/Unit then we can set them up separately and you can have access across them.

Finally, we trust you enjoy using this Service. Development is fuelled by your suggestions and ideas. We look forward to hearing from you and your donations are always appreciated.

This application is developed and maintained by Gerard Dunning (RFS, NSW)