In-App Messaging

MyEmergencyCrew supports several Messaging channels allowing you to contact Members via the most appropriate means available.

Push Messaging

Push Messages are 1-way alerts that can be sent to other Members of your Brigade or Unit. They are used to prompt action within this Application or to notify Members of something important.

MyEmergencyCrew (including MyRFSCrew, MySESCrew, MyCFSCrew, MyBFSCrew and MyMarineCrew) supports the PushOver Messaging Services. This allows users of the MyEmergencyCrew system to receive messages created on our web-based system, in a similar manner to Pager messages. Members cannot directly reply via Push Messages however we do include links in the messaging stream for them to reply via SMS. PushOver also supports acknowledgement of Emergency Priority messages.

PushOver Messaging

Sending Messages via PushOver is free, however Members must install the Android or Apple App on their phone device, or desktop, in order to receive the messages. PushOver provides a free 5 day trial, after which there is a small one-off charge of around $5. MyEmergencyCrew does not receive any payment for the use of the Pushover App or Service. Push Messages can be sent at various priority levels ensuring that Members are alerted according to the urgency of the situation. Additionally MyEmergencyCrew can determine if Members have acknowledged Emergency Priority Messages. The Message Priority system is a unique feature of PushOver.

Why do we use Pushover?

  • Because it offers a robust delivery service that works for both Android, Apple and desktop devices
  • It allows you to send push messages (like a Pager) for free to any of your Members that have installed the Pushover App
  • It allows you to set a Priority for your Messages from non-urgent right up to Critical Emergency
  • Allows Emergency Messages to be monitored for Acknowledgement

Important Information about this Service

Pushover is a 3rd party service and not affiliated with MyEmergencyCrew. MyEmergencyCrew cannot guarantee the performance of Pushover in delivering messages to devices. For that reason we strongly suggest that you test this service before building any dependance upon it. Likewise, MyEmergencyCrew does not provide any support for Users who may experience difficulty using Pushover. This is provided by Pushover.

Using Pushover

To use Pushover, simply install the Android or iOS App and create a Pushover account. Copy your new Pushover User Key to your MyRFSCrew Member Profile. You will then be available for messaging within your Brigade/Unit. To disable Pushover messages, delete the User Key from your Member Profile.

Pushover for Android

The Android device client uses Google's secure push notification service for instant delivery of Pushover messages without a dedicated polling service to waste battery power or bandwidth. Requires at least Android 2.2 and is optimized for Android 4+.

Pushover for Android also includes a widget that can be added to the home screen to quickly view notifications (requires Android 4.0+). A lock-screen widget is also available for Android 4.2+, as well as an integrated DashClock extension for showing unread notifications on the lock screen. For users of the Pebble watch, Pushover can also forward notifications to display on your wrist. To install Pushover for Android Users, visit Google Play.

Pushover for iPhone, iPad and iPod

The iOS client uses Apple's secure push notification service for instant delivery of Pushover messages. Supports all newer iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices running iOS 6 or higher and is optimized for Retina displays and iOS 7.

Pushover for iOS uses new functionality in iOS 7 to do background updates when you receive notifications, making your messages arrive faster and ready as soon as you open the application. To install Pushover for iOS, visit the iTunes App Store.

Adding PushOver to MyEmergency Crew

Once you have installed the PushOver app and registered. Copy your PushOver Key to your MyEmergencyCrew Member Profile and Save your Profile.

Message Priorities


Messages with a priority of Low will not generate any sound or vibration, but will still generate a popup/scrolling notification depending on the client operating system. Messages delivered during a user's quiet hours are sent as though they had a priority of Low


These messages trigger sound, vibration, and display an alert according to the user's device settings. On iOS, the message will display at the top of the screen or as a modal dialog, as well as in the notification center. On Android, the message will scroll at the top of the screen and appear in the notification center.

If a user has quiet hours set and your message is received during those times, your message will be delivered as though it had a priority of Low


Messages sent with a priority of High bypass a user's quiet hours. These messages will always play a sound and vibrate (if the user's device is configured to) regardless of the delivery time. High-priority should only be used when necessary and appropriate.

High-priority messages are highlighted in red in the device clients. 


Emergency-priority notifications are similar to high-priority notifications, but they are repeated every 30 seconds until the notification is acknowledged by the user. These are designed for dispatching and on-call situations where it is critical that a notification be repeatedly shown to the user (or all users of the group that the message was sent to) until it is acknowledged.

MyEmergencyCrew emergency notifications are issued a receipt that can be used to get the status of a notification and find out whether it was acknowledged, or automatically receive a callback when the user has acknowledged the notification. Message acknowledgements appear at the top of the MyEmergencyCrew day schedule similar to Call-Out responses.

Learn more about PushOver

To learn more about the Pushover Service visit

By default, when sending an "Auto" message, PushOver will be selected as the delivery channel (if available to the Member) over any other option, such as SMS or EMail.


SMS Messaging

MyEmergencyCrew provides support for SMS Messaging via several 3rd party service providers. To send SMS Messages you need to have a valid account with one of the supported 3rd parties. Generally these services provide SMS messaging at a fraction of the cost of standard mobile service providers. MyEmergencyCrew does not gain any reward for interfacing to these services and all charges must be facilitated between the Service and you. MyEmergencyCrew does not check that your account is valid or in credit before sending messages.

MyEmergencyCrew recommends Esendex for your SMS requirements. To take advantage of our special wholesale deal with Esendex, be sure to mention to them that you are a MyEmergencyCrew user.

We support these 3rd party SMS Services:

We also provide a generic EMail to SMS Gateway support. This allows messages to be sent to a specified domain via email, e.g. your_phone@gateway_domain. See below for setup.

Adding SMS to MyEmergencyCrew

  • Open the MyEmergencyCrew Global Settings and select your SMS Service type (SMS Broadcast, Esendex, ClickATell, etc)
  • Enter your User ID and Password from your SMS Service
  • Enter a default "From" number. This can also be just Text if you do not wish to receive replies
  • A/C ID: For Esendex enter your Account Key. If you have multiple Accounts with Esendex, select one of them to use. For ClickATell enter your HTTP API ID. For SMS Gateway enter your Device ID. SMSBroadcast does not require anything in this field.
  • Ensure that all members have their current mobile phone number set correctly in their details. Non-Mobile Numbers (not starting with 614 or 04) will cannot be used for SMS

When using ClickATell, you must enable the "Replace the leading zero with the correct country code" on your ClickATell API Settings.

When using SMSer it requires that all number include a country code. Our service replaces the "04" prefix with "614" so only Australian mobiles are currently supported via this service.

When using SMS Gateway, the From Number is not used since the messages are delivered via your own mobile phone and will use that number as the sender. Members may specify their own Device ID (in their Profile) if they are using SMS Gateway. Selection of a Sender is then possible when composing a Message as it will be sent via the selected Device ID. Multiple Device IDs must be associated with the same SMS Boradcast Account.

When using the EMail to SMS Gateway, enter your gateway domain (without the @ symbol) as the User ID and leave the Password and ID fields blank. The EMail to SMS Gateway provides support for services like Difaan. EMails will be sent to your_phone@gateway_domain

In-App Messaging

We now support internal, In-App Messaging meaning that you can send messages to Uses of our application which can be received using the app. Every Message you send, either via SMS or PushOver will also create an internal message for the same Member(s). Alternatively, if you do not use SMS or PushOver, or just want to send a message internally, you can select the In-App Message Only option.

In-App Messages carry Send and Expiry dates and will remain in the Member's Inbox until they expire or are deleted. In-App Messages are automatically set to "read" once viewed by the Member.

E-Mail Messaging

Our Messaging System also supports the sending of Messages via email. To activate this feature visit your Global settings (Admin users only) and add a "From" email address. It is this address that all outgoing messages will have as their sender.

Any Member who has set an email address in their Profile can receive messages in this manner. Simply check the "cc EMail" option when sending a Message and the same Message will also be sent via EMail.

Alternatively, when using the "Auto" option, Members who do not have PushOver or a registered Mobile phone number will automatically receive the Message via email, so long as they have set their email address.

EMail is not intended as the primary means of sending messages however there are no charges associated with its usage and there are no limits applied to the volume of email being sent.

Adding EMail to MyEmergencyCrew

Open the MyEmergencyCrew Global settings and enter a "From EMail" address. This must be a valid email address that Members can reply to.

Voice Interfacing

Getting up and running with Voice/Phone.

If you have Members that prefer to interact with MyEmergencyCrew via their regular phone (instead of an app or computer) here's how to make it happen:

  • Go to and set up a trial account
  • In the Twilio Console navigate to Tools > TwiML Apps
  • Create a new TwiML App. Call it MyEmergencyCrew and in the Voice Request URL field copy the Voice Interaction address from your Global Settings > API (in MyEmergencyCrew)
  • Leave the Twilio Messaging Request URL blank and save the new TwiML App
  • In your Twilio Console Menu look for "Buy a Number" and search for a number with "Voice" capabilities. You can proceed to secure a new number without any payment being made, so continue to click the Buy button for the number of your choice
  • Then return to Manage Numbers in the Twilio Console Menu. Select your new number and update the Friendly Name to MyEmergencyCrew and under the Voice section select Configure With TwiML App and select the TwiML App you just set up. Click Save.

That's the hard bit done. Anything else you do is up to you.

Now comes the $ bit. Twilio will start prompting you that your Trial is over and you need to set up billing. You can start with as little as $20 and this will allow you to use the number for a month with some balance left over. So you can test it for a month and opt not to continue if you want. Just don't select auto-billing.

Once you've paid enough $ to cover the line rental, you can start to use it. Just dial in and you will start being prompted.

Note that the service is for your Brigade/Unit only and will only allow dial-in from Members listed in your Brigade/unit. The Service will validate the caller by either the primary Phone Number on their MyEmergencyCrew account or by their alternative number (set in their Profile). So members can set their home land lines as their alternative and dial in from that too.

For this service to operate correctly we require that all registered phone numbers in MyEmergencyCrew conform to the set standard which is 10 digits starting with the area code, i.e. 02... If you have previously use phone numbers without area codes, they cannot be used with this service and will have to be updated in MyEmergencyCrew first.

Currently Members may manage their response and availability over their phone. Our next step with this service is to allow Check-Ins. We may also look at making Dial-In numbers work across Brigade Groups so you just need 1 number for the whole district.

MyEmergencyCrew does not benefit financially from this service and there is a cost to you to use it billed by Twilio. However the benefits for some Members may be significant when Smart Phones are not an option. Plus its dead simple to use.

If you're having issues, log into and check Logs > Calls.