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MyEmergencyCrew is Free to Join and to use with up to 20 Member Accounts. For higher Memberships and Support we require a subscription fee to maintain Data Retention for your Members. All features are available, regardless of your Subscription or Free usage.

Our Subscription model is based on the number of Active & Operational* Member Accounts you can manage within each Brigade/Unit. Our rates are between 35% to 100% cheaper than other systems available in Australia and offer greater flexibility when managing your Membership.

For small Brigades and Units, up to 20 Active Member Accounts is free. There is no need to subscribe if you do not require more than 20 Active Members. If you currently have more than 20 Members and your Subscription is expiring, you must renew before the expiration date to retain your service. Alternatively you can reduce your Active Member count to 20 or less before expiry to continue on our Free Plan. You may also manage your Membership to the new level of Active and Operational Members before purchasing a lower Subscription level.

Please see our full Terms and Conditions for details on what you get with your Paid Subscription and how to manage it. Payments are processed by PayPal and you will be issued with the necessary financial documents for your transaction. Should you wish to be invoiced prior to payment, or use a different payment method, please contact us directly as this can be arranged. You can view all payments in your Reports > Subscription Statement menu.

Product Support is only available to Administrators with a Current, Paid Subscription. Use the Contact / Support Form.

* Operational Members includes Member Accounts with either Operational or Schedule Activity options enabled. Deactivated or non-Operational Accounts do not count towards your Member limit.

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A donation does not count towards your Subscription unless by prior arrangement with MyEmergencyCrew. Please remember to specify your Brigade/Unit Name with your donation. Thanks!

Why do we use PayPal?

PayPal is Secure and works best for you in terms of Protection. Plus you have total control over recurring Subscriptions. We bare the cost of the Service (2.6%) so you don't have to pay any fees on top of your Transaction.

Note that if you pay by PayPal eCheque it usually takes 3~5 business days for the transaction to complete. We will only update your Subscription once this has successfully completed. For more information on eCheques, see here.

Cancelling your Subscription

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or follow these manual steps

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Go to Profile > Profile & Settings
  3. Go to Financial Information
  4. Find Pre-approved Payments and click on Update
  5. Find MyEmergencyCrew in the Merchant list
  6. Click Details and Cancel the recurring payment

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Hi. My name is Gerard Dunning (ABN 44 307 959 263) and I'm an RFS (NSW) volunteer. I'm also a professional software developer and creator of the MyEmergencyCrew system. If you like using MyEmergencyCrew and are on LinkedIn I'd like to connect with you. If you feel inclined to leave an endorsement or recommendation I'd certainly appreciate that also. It costs nothing but is valuable to me as a software engineer. Thanks in advance.