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Flight Following

Free Flight Following Windows Application for Aviation Radio Operators.

All the data you need to be SOP compliant with Local/UTC times, half-hour countdowns, live Airbase weather, track any number of aircraft in the air, on the ground, refueling or emergency status.

Complies with SOP Flight Following monitoring requirements for Ops Normal, and overdue phases. Plus track each aircraft POB and endurance. Active verbal alerts bring your attention back to aircraft that are outside their Ops Normal requirements. Contains Blue Book Aircraft reference for easy manifest set-up. Also runs as a HTTP Web server allow other browsers to connect for status updates.

Note that this app does not replace the requirements for normal logging.

MyEmergencyCrew - Server

Run your own Messaging Server to replace Pagers with lots of features including Incident Feeds, comprehesnive Weather, alerts and more.

Info Page is here

MyEmergencyCrew - Companion

Full-Time Asset Tracking is available with this companion app.

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