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Location Tracking

MyEmergencyCrew features Location Awareness and Tracking across most of the System. It is your choice to use or enable it and the following info may assist you in getting the most out of this powerful feature.

When you first use MyEmergencyCrew you will prompted to allow a GPS (fine) Location Permission on your device. If you deny this, there is no way for MyEmergencyCrew to be aware of your location. If you do allow this then when you perform an action such as Respond to a Call, your exact location is sent with the action. We use this to alert your fellow crew where you are and to calculate you travel time to your station (so long as your station has a GPS Lat,Lon set).

If your User Account has been assigned (as the Operator) to an Asset, such as a Truck, your GPS Location is also used to update the Location of the Asset. This is perfect for when you have a User Account for a vehicle and have it running on a tablet in the vehicle itself. This allows MyEmergencyCrew to track the precise location of the Asset along with it's status and Crew Strength, if you are using On-The-Run. Just remember to create a unique User Account for each Asset or Vehicle. If the User Account goes On-Line or Off-Line for their availability, the Status of their assigned Asset(s) will also reflect that.

All of these Location Tracking features are rolled up and presented in live map views available in the Live View, On-The-Run and CENTRAL. It is valuable data to present even when assets are active but not under response conditions. However your Location is only tracked by our web app so long as you have MyEmergencyCrew open and active on your device.

Full-Time Tracking

If you require full-time tracking for Assets we permit this via a secondary app which you install on a device, such as a tablet or phone, that travels with the Asset, like your Truck. This is the preferred method as it will constantly report the location of your Assets without the need to be using MyEmergencyCrew. However if you use MyEmergencyCrew a lot whilst on the move, this dedicated app may not be required.

In your Asset Editor there is a Real-Time Tracking section which contains the necessary details to enable full-time tracking. We have created a companion app which will perform the automated tracking for you or you may use other 3rd party apps too.

We will continue to support the use of GPS Logger for Android and OwnTracks for iOS and Android.

Note that an Asset's Location is only recorded when the Asset is marked as On-Line and not in one of the following Statuses: Unavailable, Unserviceable, Closed, or Shut Down.

Notes for using GPS Logger for Android: In GPS Logger, simply enable the Log to Custom URL option in the Logging Details menu and paste in the Asset's GPS Logger-specific Tracking URL. Set some Startup options and the Activity Recognition option in Performance. We recommend logging no more frequently than every 60 seconds. Also, you can activate an option to only send tracking data when moving (in the Performance section). So please consider using this option.

Notes for using OwnTracks for iOS or Android. We support only the Private HTTP Connection Mode in OwnTracks. You must set up your HTTP connections as follows:

OwnTracks on Android

  1. In OwnTracks set the Connection mode to Private HTTP
  2. In the Connection Settings, set the Host as https://myemergencycrew.com/track.php
  3. Enable Identification
  4. Set the Identification UserName to your Brigade/Unit API Key (find this in your Global Settings > API & Extensions)
  5. Leave the Password blank
  6. Set the Device ID and Tracker ID to a unique 2 character ID
  7. Set the same 2 character ID as the OwnTracks ID in the Real-Time Tracking section of the Asset Editor in MyEmergencyCrew

OwnTracks on iOS

  1. Set Mode to HTTP
  2. Set the Tracker ID to a unique 2 character ID
  3. Set the same 2 character ID as the OwnTracks ID in the Real-Time Tracking section of the Asset Editor in MyEmergencyCrew
  4. Enable Authentication
  5. Set the UserID to your Brigade/Unit API Key (find this in your Global Settings > API & Extensions)
  6. Leave the Password blank
  7. Leave the Secret encryption key blank
  8. Set the URL as https://myemergencycrew.com/track.php

Public Tracking

You may share, for a limited time, the location of your Asset(s) to a public web address. This is ideal for things like Santa Runs. However it can be used for any purpose you like. We have 2 special Christmas Themes available as well as the default "Central" theme. Here's how it works:

To publish the location of an Asset, open the Asset editor and look for the Real-Time Tracking section. Just enter a Title for your Tracker, select a Theme and how long (in hours from now) you want it available for.

Enable "Extend" and "New Link" to create the new link to your Asset's Location. Tap Update on the Asset editor and then revisit the Real-Time Tracking section where the Link will now be available along with some Share buttons for Facebook, etc.

The location of the Asset will be available to anyone with the Link for the period you have set. After which it will stop showing and you may extend it or delete it if you want. The Tracker Link will present an auto-updating location on a moving map which can be used on any device. No App needed to view and anyone with the link can use it.

You can re-share the same link each time (day) and just let it expire if you like. Just change the Expiry and select Extend when re-activating the same link.